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J F Quackenbush is a lawyer, punk jazz guitarist, poet, critic, struggling novelist, card cheat, and black magician who lives in Tucson, Arizona which he pretends is the literal embodiment of Jean Baudrillard's desert of the real. His work has appeared in the journals blazeVOX, Rattle, Stirring, Arcturus, Crossing Rivers into Twilight, Wordplay, Urban Pollution, Argot, Big Bridge, Xelas, Gloom Cupboard, the arsonism anthology Issue 1, Blue & Yellow Dog, and the Australian Anthology series FourW. He was also one of the poets who would have been included in Jessica Smith's defunct Outside Voices 2008 Anthology. He cofounded the web-zine and proto-blog YankTheChain.com in the late nineties, is the current Poetry Editor and occasional contributor to Wet Asphalt, and is the reigning and undefeated Iron Poet Lyricist on Iron Poet the internet based poetry parody of the popular Japanese television export Iron Chef. His first book of poetry Household Activities: 100 Poems is soon to be published by Wet Asphalt Press. He has several college degrees, none of them in Creative Writing.



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