We begin with a very long and fascinating analysis of the colonialist tropes and building blocks of Science Fiction, especially early SF courtesy of Science Fiction Studies.

Related, China Mieville (who may be the finest fantasy writer working right now) talks about the colonialist and childish underpinnings of the man whose shadow falls over all modern fantasy, JRR Tolkein.

Jason Scott, director of long, independent documentaries about Bulletin Board Systems and Text Adventure Games discusses your Roger Corman future, where people's expectations of not having to pay for content lead to cheaply made content. (Not sure I agree with this entirely, but his analysis is interesting, as is the one documentary of his I've seen, the Text Adventure one, Get Lamp.)

An absolutely riveting BBC documentary about the history of psychology, propaganda, advertising and public relations which traces modern advertising ideas to Freudian thought as filtered through his nephew, Edward Bernays, who wanted to create a rebranded propaganda for the corporate age, and so defined our contemporary ideas of individuality and the replacement of the citizen with the consumer.

Hilarious and scathing "digested read" of Decision Points by George W. Bush

Interview with Brian Francis Slattery
An interview with Wet Asphalt favorite Brian Francis Slattery, who talks about how the shadow economies he observed in third world countries informes the shadow societies in his fiction.

And as always:

Standard Loneliness Package by Charles Yu, a wonderful short story by the author of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe in which folks are hired to experience unpleasant events in place of rich people.

Detective of Dreams by Gene Wolfe, a bizarre surrealist detective story by a master writer.

James Stokoe, one of the "weird comics" creators I wrote about for comiXology released 100 pages of awesome science fiction comics online for free and you should go read them. The work is called "Murder Bullets".

And if you're looking for more short fiction, this site has links to hundreds of stories for your pleasure.