So they teach you a lot in Law School. You learn about contracts and how they are made, what makes them legitimate, what happens when they are breached. You learn about the procedure by which things happen in courts and the importance of getting your filings right and what happens when you get them wrong. You learn about property and criminal procedure and that the constitution doesn't protect as much as you think it does in some places, but protects a heck of a lot more than you think elsewhere.

But they never teach you what to do when everybody you know is wrong about something, doesn't understand why they're wrong about something, and get mad at you for not being wrong the same way they are because based on your political leanings they expect you to react the same way that they have.

That is really hard. And I think it's the reason a lot of lawyers either shut up about stuff or just decide to go with the reputation of being an asshole.