Via MetaxuCafe, Picador is publishing a series called "Picador Shots" in England, consisting of short stories in booklet form for a mere £1. Authors who will be published in the series include Jackie Kay, Colm Toibin, Aleksandar Hemon, Claire Messud, Nell Freudenberger, James Salter, Niall Williams, Craig Davidson, Shalom Auslander, Tim Winton, Bret Easton Ellis, and Matthew Kneale. No news yet on whether the series will be offered in the United States.

I wrote once before that One-Story had found the perfect format for publishing the short story. It looks like Picador has found it too, and is marketing each story as an individual product (rather than emphasising subscription to a journal). I'm really glad someone is doing this and I hope it's successful and is brought across the pond.