Life has only gotten busier since my triumphant return, though I have a couple posts planned for over the next week or so. Until then, here's some stuff to keep you busy:

The true story of Isaac Asimov's hoax science paper that made him more famous among scientists at the time than his science fiction did.

Harlan Ellison and HP "Hatecraft" on Scooby Doo

Barry Malzberg on the Notes from Coode Street podcast. I will line up any time to hear Barry Malzberg speak. I think he’s one of the most fascinating and knowledgable commenters on the history of science fiction.

Richard Nash has some fascinating thoughts about the future of publishing

A review of a long-forgotten book praised by Borges and Salvador Dalí


Perhaps the finest 24-hour comic ever made ever. So good.

Comic book adaptation of "The Situation" by Jeff VanderMeer, one of his best stories