So, I've been here before. And I really don't have time to process all of it yet again because I need to study. The bar exam is next tuesday, see, and I really REALLY need to make sure I pass.

What I will say about this, for now, is that all of your theories about why this happened are wrong. It's not because of gun control, or too much gun control. It's not because we miss people in our society and our mental health system is badly overtaxed. This did not happen because of anything to do with Jesus, with Islam, or with any other religion. Whether the shooter turns out to be a big fan of Rush Limbaugh and a tea party supporter, a neo-nazi member of some splinter group of mormons, a black block anarchist using terror as a weapon to try to spark the revolution, or some deluded Occupy hippy who smoked so much dope he thought this was a good idea, none of that matters.

There is plenty of blame to go around for this tragedy. Much of it is deserved. But blame is not the same thing as fault.

No one is at fault for this catastrophe.

What we can know about this are three simple facts:

1.) Most of us are incapable of an act like this. Whatever it is that goes on in the mind of a spree killer, it is a broken machine in a broken person. People who are well do not do things like this.

2.) Pointing fingers and trying to make political hay out of a tragedy like this doesn't really accomplish anything other than disrespecting the victims. Maybe a Brady will emerge from this, and that will be a righteous and good thing. But today is not the time for that.

3.) Most of us will be lucky enough to never personally face such terror. For that we should be grateful. We should tell the people we love that we love them. We should do what we can to ease the pain of those who have lost so much so senselessly.

For everything beyond that, I have no patience today. I'm just tired and sad. And that's enough to deal with right now.