So Kindle just announced a $139 wifi ereader along with their new $189 3G Kindle model. This competes with the Nook's $150 wifi and $199 3G readers, the price just enough lower to be giving B&N the finger. Only a little while ago, Sony's $199 reader with no connectivity at all seemed like a decent buy, but now it looks ridiculous, even with it's own price dropped to $150. And the 3G Sony Reader that was $400 and has now plummeted to $250? Still an overpriced joke. Since the introduction of the iPad, ebook-only readers have been engaged in a vertigo-inducing race to the bottom. Meanwhile, independent ebook readers, like Cool-Er, have been driven out of business because they can't meet loss-leader price points.

So how long until there's $100 reader? A $50 one? How about a free ereader, given away to lock you into an ebook format? Time will tell.