The Wet Asphalt Privacy Policy

I'm trying to write this in the simplest words possible because I hate privacy policies that are written in unreadable lawyer-talk and don't actually help you understand what you're being told.

The main purpose of a privacy policy is to prevent the web site in question from being sued successfully. The secondary purpose is to reassure the user (that's you) that the website is not doing anything evil with your user data and whatever other information we might have (like, for instance, giving your email address to people who will send you lots of spam). The third (and, sadly, common) purpose of a privacy policy is to put all the evil things the website actually is doing in very fine print that you'll never read so that if you want to sue them later they can say, look it was all right there in the privacy policy, sorry bub (see the main purpose of a privacy policy).

To be clear: Wet Asphalt will not give your information to anyone for any reason. You must give us your email in order to register and you must register before you can post comments--the reason for this is that we've had problems with vandals and spam bots in past projects. However, your email address will not be made public or displayed or given to anyone for any reason. Only the chief editors of Wet Asphalt have access to these email addresses at all, and they won't look at them. Registered users do have the option of having notifications about there being new posts or new posts in their entirety emailed to them, but this is entirely optional and not on by default. It is also an entirely automated process that doesn't involve any action on the part of the editors.

On the other hand, any info you choose to put on your user information page, in a comment or in a post submission can and will/might be made available to the world at large, as Wet Asphalt is available to the world at large. That should all however be abundantly clear to you provided you were not raised by wolves as was Romulus the founder of the city of Rome and therefore have therefore suffered certain developmental problems that make it difficult for you to understand basic human concepts which in turn causes you to, say, kill your twin brother Remus over a minor disagreement and invite a bunch of criminals to come live in your newly built city.

Your passwords are encrypted in our database, and the editors have no way of looking at or decrypting them, and we wouldn't want to even if we could. However, you should be aware that we use no encryption between your browser and our server, such as SSL. This means that it is theoretically possible that some third party, perhaps a magical computer gnome, could intercept your login password as it is traveling through the Internet from your computer to our web server and do horrible things with it. You should also be aware that this is true for most of the websites you already visit that are not banks or involve typing in your credit card number.

Someone intercepting your password in transit between your browser and our server, while possible, is highly unlikely.

Also to be noted: some information is automatically passed from your browser to our web server (and every web server you visit) whether you are a registered user or not. While this does not include your name, email or any other sensitive information, it does include your IP address, what browser you're using, what operating system you are using, what pages you hit and so on. (The IP in IP address stands for Internet Protocal. Your IP address is usually a random, regularly changing number assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider.) This information is tabulated as site statistics which are only reviewed by the editors but which the editors reserve to right to show to anyone for any reason. This is true for just about every website you already go to.

This website does set some cookies, generally to remember your user information from page-to-page. A cookie is a little bit of information that the web site stores on your computer to remember things like whether you're logged in or not, what your user name is, and so on. Some websites use cookies to track whether or not a given user is the same even after their IP Address changes automatically. We do not do this. Cookies are not dangerous, they are not programs or viruses or anything that can be directly harmful to your computer. However, all modern web browsers allow you to erase the cookies currently on your computer and offer an option to reject all cookies. Consult your browser's help information for how to do this. However, if you do reject all cookies it may interfere with your ability to log into our site. Somehow, you're just going to have to live with that. Here is more information on cookies.

To sum up: Wet Asphalt will not share your information. Except, now that I think about it, perhaps silently while in prayer to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. As in, "Please, oh great pasta in the sky let Joe Shmo from Ohio understand that my comment is meant as constructive criticism and let him not just think I am a dick. Sincerely, Eric Rosenfield." And while I can't promise that our nonexistent creator deity won't spread around my silent prayer, we can all pray He won't.

Thank you,
The Editors